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Advanced Science News about AEMPL’s latest publication

On April, Advanced Science News had an article on their main page about our Gallium-air batteries which was published on Advanced Energy Materials early this year. It is an honor of AEMPL to be featured on this prestigious innovative science and technology journal.   “Let’s Do the Twist Again: Making Flexible, Durable Batteries”, the article emphasized the role of flexible energy devices in the future to support for the fourth industrial revolution.

“The current produced by this battery can be very easily controlled. Simply changing the amount of anode injected into the compartment gives predictable levels of current. Solving the problem of product accumulation at the anode is similarly straightforward. The anode compartment can be opened, the product removed, and a fresh anode injected.”

Congratulation to AEMPL’s members !

*Link to the article on Advanced Science News:



News Articles about Achievement of AEMPL on Gallium-Air Battery

Congratulations to AEMPL/s Dr. Liu Guicheng.
He published one article on prestigious Advanced Energy Materials journal for his work on flexible Gallium-Air Battery system.

His innovative research had also been announced on national broadcast Yonhap News recently as the link below

“끈 모양 배터리 개발 성공…”웨어러블 기기 활용 기대””


KIST-PKU workshop in Peking University and Institute of Physics (China Academy of Science)

Under NRT-NSFC International Cooperation Program between China and Korea, from 19th to 23th March 2018, KIST (Korean Institute of Science and Technology) – PKU (Peking University) Workshop was held at PKU and Institute of Physics – China Academy of Science (IoP-CAS), Beijing. All the members of AEMPL, including Prof. Lee, Dr. Liu, Jiyoung Kim, Hyunjin Yu, Ryandda Enggar and Minh Xuan Tran, had presentation and round table discussion with PKU and IoP-CAS, regarding collaboration project of KIST and PKU, as well as new agendas for further collaboration between institutions.

At PKU, prof. Zou and all members of his lab warmly welcome AEMPL  for visiting. Prof. Lee had a presentation about history, achievements and future vision of KIST and AEMPL. Dr. Liu had a short report about his novel flexible battery system, while the other students gave presentations about their research in AEMPL. Both institution had fruitful discussion related to the on-going project between PKU and KIST. Moreover, after presentations of students, PKU and KIST had further collaboration regarding coating materials and method for advanced energy materials.

At IoP-CAS, since AEMPL and IoP-CAS had prior collaboration regarding analytic process for battery system, this time, Prof. Lee expect further co-work from 2 laboratories to improve quality of publication for AEMPL with cutting-edge analysis techniques from IoP-CAS. Although Prof. Lin Gu could not attend the seminar, all the members of  AEMPL and IoP had profound and thoughtful discussion based on current research field of AEMPL. The seminar resulted in new cooperation between two institution which was expected to prolong relationship of KIST and CAS.

This 2018 KIST-PKU workshop in Beijing, China had given some academic solution for current research issues. In the near future, AEMPL expect more and more international collaboration with high-qualified institution from all around the world to bridge all the knowledge and get enhancement in academic field.






Interview of Professor Lee by UST International Student Affair Team

During the 1st Indonesia UST Alumni Meeting in Margo Hotel, Depok City, Indonesia, November 18, 2017, an interview video of Prof. Lee by UST International Student Affair Team was launched. Prof. Lee has talked about our alumni  who were members of AEMPL including Dr.  Arie Andreas, Dr.Chairul Hudaya and Dr. Martin Halim. He also congratulated on the establishment of  Indonesia UST Alumni Association.

Thank you very much Dr. Chairul Hudaya for his video.




Under NRT-NSFC International Cooperation Program between China and Korea, from 23rd to 25th October 2017, KIST (Korean Institute of Science and Technology) – PKU (Peking University) Workshop was held at KIST.

Professor Zou from Peking university and Professor Lee of AEMPL and all the students from both institutions had presentation about the cooperation project and progress on academic research




The workshop was successful organized. All the students from AEMPL as well as PKU had a chance to know each other research direction to look froward to  future cooperation.

Dr. Chariul Hudaya received ASEAN Young Scientist and Technologist Award (AYSTA)”

Congratulations !

In 19th October 2017, our alumnus, Dr. Hudaya, who graduated from AEMPL-KIST UST recived the award for “ASEAN Young Scientist and Technologist Award (AYSTA)” with $10,000 prize in cash at the 10th ASEAN SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY and INNOVATION WEEK.

This award is given to one ASEAN scientist and technologist who have either shown considerable promise in, or made substantial contribution to research, development and innovation in scientific field.

Prof. Lee and all member of AEMPL felt so proud and congratulated for his achievement. We hope Dr. Hudaya in the future can be more successful in his academic career.


Dr Hudaya

Battery Technology, as a Pacesetter of The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The core of the fourth industrial revolution is ‘hyper-connection’. The hyper-Connection society’ has required the development of energy sources for Internet of Things(IoT) and smart devices. The demand of post-sencondary batteries will be increased in the age of the fourth industrial revolution. Accordingly, the symposium related to ‘the role of batteris on the fourth industrial revolution’ was held by KOBS and KIST. We expect that this symposium will be opportunity, occupying the post-energy storage technologies.

[전자신문] [과학산책] 4차 산업혁명을 견인할 전지 기술_오피니언 26면_20170518

Inauguration as President of Korean Battery Society(KOBS)

Dr.Lee took office as President of Korean Battery Society (KOBS) on january 1, 2017.
While the concerns of power sources for electric applications are increasing, KOBS was established as a non-profit scholarship organization for realization of scholarly development related to post-energy conversion devices and exchange of mutual knowledges for energy materials and devices by supporting from Ministry of information and communication and electronics and telecommunications research institute.
Mr. Enggar also received Best Poster Prize for his poster in this year KOBS conference. Congratulation to him !!!

KakaoTalk_20170213_091633341 KakaoTalk_20170213_091633587 KakaoTalk_20170213_091633886

Award certificate for supervision of research paper from UST

Dr.Lee was gave an award certificate for supervision of research paper and contribution to development of science technology from UST.
Now, He is also working as a professor at the Department of Energy and Environmental Engineering, Korea University of Science and Technology (UST). He has more than 30 years of experience in Chemical Engineering. His research interests have focused on the application of reaction engineering techniques to problems in surface modification, carbon composite and coating of carbonaceous films, and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process.

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Selection as a researcher for excellent national research development achievement

Dr. Lee was selected to a researcher for excellent national research development achievement from Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning in 2016. This award has been given for inspirating the self-confidence as a scientist and advertising excellent national research development achievement since 2006. The research subject is “Self-relaxation electrode materials of post-secondary batteries for high-performance.

2016 국가연구개발 우수성과-1 2016 국가연구개발 우수성과-2 2016 국가연구개발 우수성과-3 2016 국가연구개발 우수성과-4