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Last lab meeting before chuseok 2015

On September 26-29, 2015 we have a long holiday to celebrate the thanks giving day or known as Chuseok. During the holiday period, most of Korean return to their hometown and visit their family and relatives. As usual we have a regular meeting on Saturday. After the meeting, we had lunch in Chinese restaurant near the main gate of KIST/KDI. We hope you will get a happy holiday with your family and relatives. Happy Chuseok Day!



AEMPL welcomes three young scholars

Our lab welcomes 3 new young scholars, 2 from China and 1 from Germany. They are Mr. Peter Smyrek, Dr. Yuren Wen dan Dr. Guicheng Liu. Mr. Peter is a Ph.D student of Karlsruhe Institute for Technology, Dr. Yuren is a post-doctoral fellow at Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Dr. Guicheng Liu is new post-doctoral fellow at AEMPL.

At our lab, Mr. Peter will do research on his topic related to Nickle-Manganese-Cobalt oxide using surface laser modification. In particular, electrochemical measurement such as cycle and rate capability, as well as electrochemical impedance spectroscopy will be carried out during his stay. Together with our counterpart, Matin and Hudaya, Mr. Peter will coat his electodes with the plasma-polymerized fullerene (C60) in order to enhance the performance of the cathode, especially in high-voltage cut-off.

Dr. Yuren Wen, a member of. Prof. Gu Lin’s Lab, will discuss with Jung Sub Kim and A-Young Kim related to the cooperative works on Germanium-based anode and lithium-sulfur battery, respectively.

Dr. Guicheng Liu will stay in our lab at least for about 2.5 years. At AEMPL he will combine his expertise on solar power (DSSC) with our core expertise on energy storage system.

Again, welcome to our new fellow at AEMPL!



Prof. Gu Lin visits our lab

Prof. Gu Lin is a professor at  Beijing Laboratory of Electron Microscopy at the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is one of the young scholars who have many research achievements in the field of in-situ characterization in atomic scale for the application of energy storage system. Our lab is now having a cooperative work with his lab and doing in-situ TEM characterization for confirming the mechanism of lithiation and de-lithiation of the lithium to the anode materials. During his visit, he attended and presented his work in scientific meeting in Seoul, as well as gave an advice to the on-going project. Our first cooperative work has been published in Carbon (see A-Young Kim et al, Carbon Volume 94, November 2015, Pages 539–547)