November, 2017

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Interview of Professor Lee by UST International Student Affair Team

During the 1st Indonesia UST Alumni Meeting in Margo Hotel, Depok City, Indonesia, November 18, 2017, an interview video of Prof. Lee by UST International Student Affair Team was launched. Prof. Lee has talked about our alumni  who were members of AEMPL including Dr.  Arie Andreas, Dr.Chairul Hudaya and Dr. Martin Halim. He also congratulated on the establishment of  Indonesia UST Alumni Association.

Thank you very much Dr. Chairul Hudaya for his video.




Under NRT-NSFC International Cooperation Program between China and Korea, from 23rd to 25th October 2017, KIST (Korean Institute of Science and Technology) – PKU (Peking University) Workshop was held at KIST.

Professor Zou from Peking university and Professor Lee of AEMPL and all the students from both institutions had presentation about the cooperation project and progress on academic research




The workshop was successful organized. All the students from AEMPL as well as PKU had a chance to know each other research direction to look froward to  future cooperation.

Dr. Chariul Hudaya received ASEAN Young Scientist and Technologist Award (AYSTA)”

Congratulations !

In 19th October 2017, our alumnus, Dr. Hudaya, who graduated from AEMPL-KIST UST recived the award for “ASEAN Young Scientist and Technologist Award (AYSTA)” with $10,000 prize in cash at the 10th ASEAN SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY and INNOVATION WEEK.

This award is given to one ASEAN scientist and technologist who have either shown considerable promise in, or made substantial contribution to research, development and innovation in scientific field.

Prof. Lee and all member of AEMPL felt so proud and congratulated for his achievement. We hope Dr. Hudaya in the future can be more successful in his academic career.


Dr Hudaya