April, 2018

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Advanced Science News about AEMPL’s latest publication

On April, Advanced Science News had an article on their main page about our Gallium-air batteries which was published on Advanced Energy Materials early this year. It is an honor of AEMPL to be featured on this prestigious innovative science and technology journal.   “Let’s Do the Twist Again: Making Flexible, Durable Batteries”, the article emphasized the role of flexible energy devices in the future to support for the fourth industrial revolution.

“The current produced by this battery can be very easily controlled. Simply changing the amount of anode injected into the compartment gives predictable levels of current. Solving the problem of product accumulation at the anode is similarly straightforward. The anode compartment can be opened, the product removed, and a fresh anode injected.”

Congratulation to AEMPL’s members !

*Link to the article on Advanced Science News: